Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sleek ultra mattes ❤BRIGHTS PALETTE❤ review

Hey ladies ,

So summer is in the heat already. But sad to say here in the Philippines Summer ain't pretty much happy here. The weather here in the Philippines changes from time to time :(

But it's not the end of feeling the spirit in you the summer BRIGHTS so why not have fun and experiment with bright eyeshadows on your eyes.

So since Sleek has been giving a new colors for the palette, they came something with their new i-divine palette in their Ultra mattes BRIGHTS PALTTE.

I purchased one at Digital Train Case online shop for P650.00.

Let's Start from it's packaging:

The palette comes in a slim rectangular box (Right Side). Sleek made a pretty good job on the box design. They made a unique way with lots of loose bright eyeshadows.

The palette (Left Side) comes in a very Sleek Classic Black rectangular shape.
Also it has Sleek's brand name printed on the palette.

Also inside the box it comes with two Sleek mini brochure about sleek's products:

Here's how the palette from the inside looks like: 

The palette has a transparent screen on top of the eyeshadows, because this serves as a one way protection for the surfaces of the colors. Plus the transparent screen comes with each indicated names for ever eyeshadows.

The palette comes with a double sided Sponge applicator and a mirror on the other side of the palette. 

Let's go further with the palette shall we  . . . .

Here's how the palette looks like without the transparent screen on top :

Every eyeshadows are totally BRIGHT as ever. ^_^

The colors describes as Summer, Fun and bold look.

time for some SWATCHES . . . 

(First Row)

Every eyeshadows are matte and so pigmented on the first row.

The colors are absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! !
I already indicated the names on the photo for every swatch.
The color that was catchy to me was Pucker, Sugarlite, Dragon fly and Bamm! . 

(Second Row)

Above is the second row of the eyeshadows on the palette. I have observed that the second  row consist of semi bright to cool eyeshadow colors. The one that i like best on the second row is Cricket, bolt , Strike and Floss

The only thing that i didn't like is Crete, because it's not that much pigmented plus I thought Crete would be much of a bolder kind of grey. And it's a bit similar to Pow instead. 

Now I did Compare the photo's from without the flash of the camera & with the flash of the camera.

The first row did a good job, because the colors didn't change at all.
The colors stand out so well and so bold.

The second row well, it went good, but only few did stand out. 
Floss (The pinky one) went a little fade and also Crete as well. 


*First thing that I like about the palette is the Packaging itself. It's unique.
* I like how sleek advertises their products in their mini brochure that comes with it.
*I love how the palette was designed by sleek because it's classy and chic with the palette's color in black.
*The palette also is multi functional, because it comes with a mirror on the other side of the palette.
*The eyeshadows are pretty amazing to work with because it doesn't have any much fall outs.
*The eyeshadows are pigmented with it's color. 
*I think sleek made a job well done with the eyeshadow colors, because the first top row consist of Summer-y Bright colors. while the second bottom row consist of Soft Spring-y Bright colors.


* The only thing that i didn't like on the palette was the Sponge applicator, instead i'd prefer the other side of the applicator was a brush.

See you all in my next review. :)

Take Care & God Bless!


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