Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NYX ♥ FULL coverage Concealer in MEDIUM

Hello my pretty dolls ♥

Here's another review that i wanna share with you all, and it's my all time favorite CONCEALER. And i bought this concealer at my favorite online shop at 
Hotboutique by Carmella . Please do check out her online shop :)

Now off to the review . . . . . .

First from it's packaging. The concealer comes in a small rounded container and has the weight of 6g (0.21 oz).
The container is in a glass but it's one of those breakable glass it's kind of plastic glass.
It's light weight and easy to carry on your makeup purse.

I got in the shade in "MEDIUM" because i do prefer a medium tone under my dark panda eyesbecause it covers in well and blends in too. 

By the way the concealer isn't liquid it's in a cream form. 
Why in CREAM form? because not only the it sticks to the container if you use a concealer brush it picks up well or even using your finger to conceal any areas that needs to be concealed.

Also the Container has a cute description in it saying :
"Provides smooth,  long lasting coverage so you can pretend the word "Concealer" doesn't exist in your dictionary." 


Comparing the swatches without the flash of the camera  down below. 
You can tell that the concealer is really creamy not that liquid y .
Although the concealer is in the shade of "Medium" it turns out that the concealer showing on my camera is kind of semi fair.

Now let's compare the second photo with the flash of my camera.
I didn't actually blend it because i wanted to compare it, so the photo down below shows that the light catches the coverage of the concealer but once it's blended well it will look smoothly and as if the concealer doesn't exist all. Because it blends well evenly into the skin.


 The container is not that heavy, it's easier to carry on your makeup bag.
 It's Long Lasting 
 Gives full coverage on areas that needs to be concealed
 It's smoothly to apply
 It doesn't CAKE
 Cream concealers are best for concealing dark circles it's much easier if you use a concealer brush for a flawless finish.


 One thing that concerns me is that a small concealer like this can get lost if you miss place this, so the very best way to avoid loosing a great concealer like so is to put it on your vanity table where you can just grab it and use it. This way you won't be able to loose this concealer.

Other than that hope y'all pretty dolls out there learned something about this awsome amazing pretty beautiful concealer :)


  1. I haven't tried NYX concealer yet but this seems like a nice concealer. Thanks for sharing! I love the description too, its cute and funny ^_^~

  2. I check this on hotboutique it's not there,
    also I want to know hoe much she is selling this one bcoz I know this is a new released product of NYX

  3. @cutiehotMOM: here's Hotbputique's fb page sis :
    the concealer cost about more or less P 295 pesos :)

  4. nice review joanna.. i love almost all NYX products that i've tried so fat... i love your blog too...
    please visit mine :D

  5. @Gita : Thanks dear ^_^ sure i'll visit your blog :)