Saturday, May 26, 2012

NYX ♥ Matte Lipsticks

Hello pretty dolls 

Here's another review on what i have been doing for the past few weeks, which is online shopping :) I bought these NYX matte lipsticks again from my all time fave online shop which is Hotboutique ByCarmela's shop. 

I have been so interested to get me one of these babies 
I don't have exactly have the entire color matte lipsticks from nyx, i purchased myself some shades which i prefer for my own personal use :)

* Left to Right *


Your probably wondering why those shades are more on pink, because i'm a type of person who likes lipsticks in the shades of Pink , and ladies who are into Pink lipstick shade who has a personality of adventurous and both in terms of love & activity.

Here's what the matte lipsticks look like. 
* FYI:  some of my lipstick got crushed because of my silly incident :( so pls. bare with me.


Angel ,  is a combination with shades of Peach & Pink , plus it is a bold color giving you fuller fun lips. 

TIP:  If your a type of gal who's into bold & sweet lip colors, great for everyday wear or even summer & spring, i'd recommend this :)

 MLS11 - Tea Rose

Tea Rose , is more on a bit on a neutral side, but it's color has a soft pink touch to it. 

TIP:  Going for neutral but with a soft pink touch for your lips, this is great for your everyday use for School, Office. 

MLS20 - Audrey

Audrey , is a similar to Tea Rose but it's shade has slight touches of a candy dark pink in it. For this type of shade it's best for pale - light to medium skin tone colors, because the color is bold but not that bright.

TIP:  It's best for seasons like a gloomy rainy day or even a boring day the color fits to  it, going simple yet toning down the bright pink into a toned down pink.

MLS17 - Sweet Pink 

Sweet Pink , has a shade a bit darker but not that too dark, it's also not that shocking pink like other lippies, it is pigmented too :)

TIP: Dare to be sweet & fun? Try a bold and sweet pink lip color


 These lipsticks are really matte & very pigmented
 So easy to apply on lips, it glides smoothly 
It hasn't that stinky smell in it ^_^
Gives a matte finish 
 It's texture turns out creamy then sets in the lips comfortably
 It's not that tight it makes your lips feels moist.
They last for hours and doesn't fade.


 The only thing that I don't like is their light colors, because my lips doesn't fit into their light lip colors. 
 Plus cracks appear on my lips once i use a lighter matte shade.
 This is just my opinion based on the reaction on my lips.
So the only best thing that i did is to choose medium to dark pink shades because medium - semi dark shades in pink, works for my lips.
Over All these 4 matte shades in Angel, Tea Rose, Audrey & Sweet Pink  i do the most!  

Other than that Have a great sunday & God Bless Ladies! 


  1. oh lovely shades! I'm also a "pink" person interms of lippies ^_^~

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