Friday, April 27, 2012

NYX ♥ Mosaic Powder Blush Review

Hello my lovelies ♥ ,
here's another review on some blushes i am collecting for my special use :)
These are mosaic powder blushes. The difference of the other review is this is a mosaic blush compared to a ordinary powder blush.
Mosaic Blushes are combined with color tones that creates a dazzling glow on every skin tone. I have read on these blushes are :

  mineral-based formula highlights, hydrates and helps protect skin.

Mosaic blushes can be used on cheeks , eyes and even lips.

EYES? Yes! you can even use this as a highlight on your eye lids. It can create a great shinny effect that your eyes are glowing.

LIPS? This can be useful for your lips as well if your a type of girl, who wants their lips to have that shine effect once light touches it. 

Oh by the way i bought this at a online shop here in the Philippines at
Hotboutique byCarmella and the owner is Miss Carmella :)
So I only have two mosaic blushes :

I have 06 "Rosey" and 07 "Cafe"

Starting with Rosey , 

It has 5 types of combination colors in it. Starting from clockwise, Light baby pink , dark-medium pink, pinky-taupe, peachy - light brown and on the middle is a medium light vanilla color.

This blush creates a sweet highlight for your cheeks. ^_^

Next blush is called  07  in CAFE .
This type of blush isn't that brown it's more TAN and really really pigmented and it's great to use for your bronzer. It's powder is a bit darker perfect & serves as your bronzer to make you face more slimmer & structured plus it is pigmented. 
My opinion is i use a stipple brush because a stipple brush picks up the blush but when it's in application it focuses on one certain area, so with the help of a stipple brush it can help blend it in. 
It last's throughout the entire day ^_^

TIP : If summer is in, this is really really perfect for those sun kissed cheeks or even get those tanned structured face by using this as your bronzer.

Above all i have no comments about these mosaic blushes, and one thing i like is it's Not Chalky  &  Has no scent at all :)

Have a great weekend & God Bless Ladies

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  1. Rosey looks gorgeous :)

    I love NYX products as there such good value for money xxxx