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Sigma ❤Mrs. Bunny Essential Brush Kit❤

Hello my pretty dolls ❤

I am back again for another awsome review 
I have been a BIG FAN of sigma's Beautiful products Like their brush sets & makeup palettes. 
And also i have been watching some guru's on Youtube how they give good compliments about their brush kits and how they use it on their YouTube tutorials or even as their every day use.

Finally I purchased my very own the Mrs. Bunny Essential brush Kit from Sigma

Here's how the cute box looks like :

From the Packaging itself, Sigma did a really pretty unique job, the box looks absolutely super PRETTY The box is designed with a white Victorian print around the name of the brush kit. 

At the back of the box has Sigma's description about the brush kit, and it also indicates that this type of brush kit is one of their best - selling essential kit.


And also Sigma's brand logo is on the box too :)

The cutest thing about the box is it's flower-y ribbon on top of it. It also serves as a lock of the box. Again the Flower-y ribbon is also printed with a cute pink Victorian print.  

Here's what's inside the BOX . . . . . .

...............tada!!! .....

Inside the box contains a description of the brush kit. Plus the brush kit comes in a cute Light blue round kit.

Sigma really has their own way of introducing each brushes inside the kit and also has each Name and use.

The brushes come in a cylinder shape type case. It's in a baby light blue color and has sigma's brand name on the top & bottom part of the case.

Here's a better closer view of the case with their signature on it :

At the side of the kit it has a secure lock to keep the brush in tact :)

Here's how the brush kit once it's opened. Now the lid of the brush kit can be used as a brush holder for your brushes.Meaning it's dual purpose,it's functional & organized and also stylish :)

The brush kit contains 12 brushes and they come in a cute color where in their ferrule is in the color Pink and their handle is in color baby blue.

Now off to each individual brush review . . .

Starting off with the first Large brush which is the F30 or known as the 
Large Powder Brush.

The brush is perfect for any loose powder for your application to your face because it's not just a large powder brush, it's bristles are big fluffier.
And the Ferrule helps the bristles giving them that kind of poof volume to it, making it fluffy not flat.

The ends of the bristles are in a sort of off white color, because simply for me it's a good thing. I like brushes that has their ends in a off white color, it's one guide for you too see if the brush did pick up the powder.

The bristles are super super soft and it is so gentle to pat it all over your face :)

From the side view of the brush, you can tell that it's bristles has that volume fluffiness in it :) 

Next is the second brush is the F50 or known as the Duo Fibre brush .

The brush may be knows as the "STIPPLE BRUSH", because of it's bristles and stipple brushes are known for  layered bristles and creates a soft airbrushed look that's perfect for applying foundation or adding colour definition to cheekbones or highlighting with soft layers. 

The bristles are so defined you could even use this for your liquid foundation and giving you a air brushed finish effect.

The ferrule also supports every bristles of the brush, and securing it without gripping the bristles too hard.

What's best about this brush is that the end of the bristles are in white, this is one good thing because you will know that the brush picks up the amount of product that you are using.

Large angled contour brush or the F40.
The handle of the brush is slimmer and lighter though the bristles are big.

Here's how the brush looks like :

Sigma did a pretty good job of this brush because the bristles shape is perfect for contouring. It has the shape of slanted.

The ferrule helps secure the bristles and making it slightly stiff but making it fluffy to achieve the contour perfect :)

moving on to another face brush which is the sigma F60 or the foundation brush

The handle of the brush is a bit slimmer than the other brushes. IT's slimmer and has a flat surface for it's bristles. The handle is slender because you can easily hold it with your hand.

Again the ferrule helps supports the bristles and making it's shape as it is.

From it's side view, the bristles of the brush is slim and flat. 
why slim & flat? Because with it's application for your liquid foundation, the brush will help evenly the liquid foundation and blending it on to your skin. But bear in mind that you should be very careful not to over load you liquid foundation. Because if that happens your entire foundation will be a disaster leaving it cakey and oily. 

now for the concealer brush, or the sigma F70 .
Now some girls like me has conflicts when it comes to hiding my imperfections like my panda eyes . Seriously my under eyes looks like panda patches on them :( But since with the help of concealing i do cheat to hide them hehehe!

Now with sigma's concealer brush it's handle is much slimmer than the previous brushes.

Since the concealer brush is much slimmer because it is used to conceal any imperfections not only dark circles but also like blemishes, scars and un even skin tone colors.

The bristles of the brush is semi stiff and soft and thinner also.

With a concealer brush that's thinner it can help even out the spot you want to conceal. Plus using a concealer brush for your dark circles are much better because you can estimate the amount of concealer that you are using, and without over loading it.  

now for the Large Shader brush or the Sigma E60 :

The E60 brush or known as the Large Shader Brush is a bit larger than the ordinary shader brush. This type of brush has a semi stiff to semi soft bristles and it's best use for patting Glittery eyeshadows, loose eyeshadows, and even cream eyeshadows because it's brush is much flatter and defined for it's application.

The ferrule as you can see helps supports and keeps the bristles defined.

It's shape is much flatter and easy to handle with eyeshadows you want to work on and giving you a much defined cleaner eye look. :)

Next is the Medium Angled Shading brush or the Sigma E70 .

Here's a clear view how the brush looks like :

You might notice that the brush has a slant shape, this is one brush that's best for blending your eyeshadow colors on the crease area making it blended well.

I like how the brush was made because it's not that stiff, it's softer and good for eye looks that are blended well.

Next is the Tapered Blending Brush or the Sigma E40 :

FULL size view of the brush:

The brush is perfect for blending, it's fluffy and super soft perfect for blending the eyeshadows to give them a very pretty effect on your eyes.

The bristles are intact together it's not spreading out on each other, the ferrule also helps the bristles fluff more too.

moving on with the eye shader brush or the Sigma E55 :

The Eye Shading Brush has a short bristles and it's semi soft and ideal used for patting eyeshadows on your eyelids and even highlighting your brow bones.

The brush is perfect for applying loose or matte eyeshadows or even cream shadows.
It's small shape helps to apply precise application on the eyes and with a steady hand you can even make your eye look more defined or accurate.

Next is the Pencil Brush or the Sigma E30 :

The pencil brush is much slender and light weight, the brush is used to either define your crease more accurately or even applying any eyeshadow color to line your lower lash lines, or even making a guide on your outer "V" and drawing a "V" and this will serve as a guide for your defined look :)

The Pencil Brush has a pointy shape and the bristles are semi soft and easier to glide on the bottom lashes.

Look closely and you can see that the ferrule of the brush helps support the bristles securely and making the brush having that fine shape.

Now you just can't ever forget having your eyes just plain right? The next brush is the Small Angle Brush or the Sigma E65 is a girls best friend 

The bristles of the brush are in a angle shape which is much easier to use because if your the type of girl who can't go out of your house without those cat eye or cute eye liner, you can use this type of brush by creating your eyeliner much precise and having your tail much thinner.

The bristles are semi soft to semi stiff meaning you can control the brush with a steady hand as much as possible, because I know that lining the eyes are bit tricky. But keep practicing until you achieve your liner perfect :)

Now for the last brush, it's the Eyeliner Brush or the Sigma E05 :

Now this type of brush is different than the small angled brush, it's used for small precise eyeliners which for example your creating a look which you the line to be thinner than usual, so this brush is great for that type of precise thinner liners.

The brush comes with a open top & bottom cap, maybe it's to keep the brush in itself in shape, keeping the brush secured, because since the brush is small.

The bristles of the brush is stiff keeping your gel liners/eyeliners perfectly well shape and winged out.

The brush helps you get in the inner tear duct since it's thinner and stiff.
I love this brush because it's super easy to use and it can help me line my eyes with a thinner line. :)

Time for My Pros & Cons, but before that this is based on my own opinions and experience on the brush set that i purchased from the website.

                   The Brush kit comes with a description of each brush.
 The Brush set are in a super adorable & cute Baby Blue kit.
                   The brushes kit can be used as a brush holder for your brush
                   The kit comes with a secured lock to keep the brushes in tact &   prevent them from falling all over the place.
                        Sigma's signature is carved on each brushes.
                 The bristles of each brushes are soft & safe to use on the face & the eyes.
The Bristles are made with cream white on the ends, this is to let you know that your brush is picking up the product that you are using.
 Each brush can be used in your own way, which ever you prefer to do with your own kind of technic.
 The ferrule of the brush are in a royal purple color soooo CUTE!!


- The Kit is PRICY it cost about $109.00 in our currency it's about P4,500.00 plus depending on the exchange currency here in the Philippines.

- The only thing that the kit was missing is a Lip Brush
- The kit is great to carry on your big purse, but if your traveling I think it's very bulky on your hand bag. So I'm saving up for their travel kit :)

Over all I the Sigma Mrs. Bunny Complete Brush Kit !!!

Hope you ladies enjoyed reading my review on my new Sigma Brush kit.

Til Next time pretty dolls,

Stay Pretty & God Bless!


  1. hi! I am planning on ordering this maybe next month or so.. i was just wondering how much you paid for the shipping?! and did you pay pa anything sa post office?! thanks!

  2. @Michelle : Hi michelle! My sigma brushes was delivered to me by my boyfriend's brother in law. So i didn't actually paid anything for the shipping & post office. I gave my boyfriends brother in law money to order me those brushes :)