Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hey Dolls! 
Welcome to my review corner, and this time I'm gonna be talking about lipsticks that i just currently purchased at a online shop called The Primp Pad. 
They sell a lot of pretty lovely authentic cosmetics and has a cheap bargain that are from the U.S and Japan.
 Plus! BTW they are having a 3 DAY - sale from June 21 - 23 , 2013 so If your interested, just click the links above to check out their facebook page.

Now let's begin with my review. . .

So I came across The Primp Pad's facebook page and started browsing all their product and saw lovely lipsticks which are the wet n wild  lipsticks that comes in different variety of shades that they have available, and so I purchased (5) five shades of wet n wild lipsticks.

So here are the lipsticks that I bought :


So let's start with the packaging, they packed my lipsticks in a bubble wrap to make sure my items are shipped safely and intact when it's shipped. The lipsticks are in a sleek black color case that comes in a hard plastic container. And on the top cap of the lipstick has a printed brand name of wet n wild. 


For the shipment it took about three days that I got my lipsticks since I live in a province area which is at Bicol Albay so I understand clearly about the courier's shipping.
For customer care The Primp Pad's Facebook Page has a friendly user page because they have a per album that has cosmetics to choose from and one album is in a "ON-HAND" one means they are available. And If you wanna purchase any items from their page there's a instruction on the top portion of the pictures that has a link to a "ORDER FROM" which i think is very convient for a client like me to use because it's much easier to fill up details for order transactions.
  And also Ms. Micaela (of the Primp Pad) was very kind to reply all my inquiries and has a good communication regarding about my inquires. 
thanks again sis! ^_^

Now as i've said earlier I purchased (5) five lipsticks and I got in the shades below:


Each lipsticks are in the price of PHP 148.00 only, like wow! CHEAP & AFFORDABLE!

Here's a full side view of the lipsticks without their caps. The reason i removed the caps is to show you how vibrant the colors of the lipsticks are :



For my observation from the looks of the lipsticks they are very vibrant and gives you that catchy eye feeling because of their lovely colors.
Now if i categorized each lipsticks from each shade, :
"Don't Blink Pink" -  Candy Sweet girly & flirty fun for school with a pop of color. 
"Wine Room" - can be worn for your everyday basis or in a gloomy weather
with a tint of color.
"Red Velvet" - For special occasion with that vibrant red show off those red lips
and makes your teeth give you that whiter smile.
"Cherry Picking" - Sexy,Dark,Mysterious,Chic goth, punk 
"24 Carrot Gold" - Pop of peach orange, for that sunny day to brighten up your day 

Now off for the swatches!


Every lip shades that are swatched near my wrist were very vibrant and has a bold color to it.
And each color stands out pretty amazing and honestly I swatched the lipsticks only once.

Now to give them a try onto my lips:

Each lipsticks was easy to use since they glide on my lips softly. And for my first observation they do not DRY my lips at all,plus it kinda' has that semi shine finish effect to it.
But these shades are more on the matte side rather on the shine side.


For my observation while my whole arm got wet, I saw some changes with the lipsticks that are swatched on my arm. Though they are very vibrant and bold the color tends to start cracking due to getting wet by the water, but still the color is intact but it's kinda' of getting that shinny effects by the water. 

Now for smudge proof, after my arm was still wet I tried getting off the swatches with a wet wipes and honestly I thought that the color will just come off naturally but it did not.
The lip colors was still on my arm and it kind' like stained a bit means, the color doesn't smudge too much after all and tricky to remove with a wet wipes.

Here's the final Result of the outcome of testing out the lip colors Smudge proof and water resistant :

Again I tried taking the lip colors off my arms with 2 swipes of my wet wipes but still the color is there and doesn't give you that messy smudge outcome. ^_^

now for my final verdict . . .

. PRICE : Affordable, and worth it 
. SWATCHES : Vibrant, bold pretty!
.  SMUDGE PROOF : 4/5 

I recommend these lovely pretty lipsticks for girls who loves bold vibrant lip colors.
Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always" 


Product was reviewed with full honesty opinion with proof tested by the author and purchased from the online shop.
The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.


  1. the shades ae really pretty :)

  2. i Love your review sis! I recently bought don't blink pink and carrot gold from primp pad too and I'm so excited to try it na! And btw, we have the same first name too. haha. God bless!

  3. hey NaiNai :)
    The lippies are soo cute plus worth it to buy. Thanks for your time to read & visit my blog review.
    God Bless!!

  4. When you ordered, did they provide you any tracking number? I did order with them and im just in manila but i havent received it yet and its been 5 days.

  5. When you ordered, did they provide you any tracking number? I did order with them and im just in manila but i havent received it yet and its been 5 days.

  6. Hello! I just want to ask if how long did u receive the package?I ordered yesterday but I haven't received any response...please reply thanks!