Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review : Crystal OPAL GRAY contact lens

Hey Dolls!
So lately I have been MIA in my blog and at my youtube channel since got a lot of stuff dealing with my every day life which is sometimes annoying but I thinks that's how the way it goes.
So previously on my youtbe channel I wore these opal gray crystal lens and decided to make a review on them :)

So starting off where I bought them? I purchased them at a online shop called "Shopgirl" at facebook and 
Ms. Rosita sells different variety of contact lenses. 

Honestly I bought this last year and the lens is still in tact and new to use since I havent opened the lid of the container. Anyways I purchased these babies in the brand Crystal and in the color Gray.
First the lens comes in a tiny container and has a orange plastic lid and has a secure metal that wraps and secures the container from spilling the liquid inside the container. 


* Origin : South Korea
* Diameter : 14.8 mm
* Power : 0.00 ~ 8.00
* Color : 2TONE
* Water : 42%
* Base Curve : 8.6
* Life Span : 1 Year use 
* Shelf Life : 5 Years  
* PRICE : Ranges 300 + to 400
(forgot the exact price sorry!)



For the color I purchased the gray one since I prefer those dolly eyed lens and I picked these ones.
One  thing also I noticed is that the lens has a flower/y shape that I think is pretty cool since it will just make your eyes notice-able and cute.

Now here's a photo of my normal eyes look like ( excuse the puffiness and eye bags T_T )


Now for my left eye
(without the lens)

Now wearing with the lens on my LEFT eye :

I noticed that without my camera's flash the color of the lens does stand out and i absolutely love the lens because it gave my eyes definition.

                                 Now for the full front view of both my eyes wearing the OPAL GRAY lens :

Now testing out the lens with my camera's flash i noticed that the color turned out blue/gray since it's two tone.


The lens is 14.8 mm and since my eyes is already a bit semi-big it made my a bit bigger  effect.
Plus i'd love to wear this on my every day basis since i like how the lens gives my eyes more definition and that cuteness and can match any eye makeup I'd wear.  ^_^


Putting on the lens was a bit uncomfortable at first but later on it went perfectly fine plus my eyes didn't have any redness and irritation at all.


COLOR :  5/5

OVER ALL for my final verdict:

I suggest the lens for anyone who wants that tint of cuteness and defined eyes for your everyday basis with that capture of lovely lens your wearing. BTW the opal lens are much visible for darker eye natural color.


Product was reviewed with full honesty opinion with proof tested by the author and purchased from the online shop.
The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.


  1. pretty and cute! you totally suits this lens ^_~

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