Friday, April 12, 2013

My SIGMA mini BRUSH Haul Review

Hey my beautiful dolls!
So I'm back to make a review on some items I have purchased on Sigma last year and it was december 2012, yep! I know it's like so last year but honestly I just started to use the brushes around mid January.

Anyways here we go...

Now I brought these brushes for reasonable personal use, since i have read pros and cons about these brushes, but since i wanted a brush that's easier to use and handle with I'd go and have a try of sigma's brushes.

So here's the brushes I got but first let's take a look at their packaging first:

The packaging of the brushes comes in two (2) sleek paper box material type.
The first one is the TEAL color one and the second box is the WHITE one. 
And it comes with sigma's logo printed on top.

Now I purchased 4 PCS. of brushes so sigma was so sweet to give me two gifts
yehey!!! :D They even also gave me a card saying 

"Thank you for choosing sigma Beauty

They gave me a gift of two (2) Hot Pink eyeliner Brush ^_^
yey! Thanks sigma!

I love how sigma designed their brushes with their sleek unique company name imprinted on the brushes plus the specific name of the brush like the one they gave me (below) the eyeliner Brush or so called the "E05" and where they came from which is USA of coarse. 

What's interesting about this brush is that the bristles are super thin plus the ferrule supports the tiny bristles of the brush and it does not squeeze it too tight. The handle is also just fine because of it's pretty hot pink, and I am in love with the color pink basta any pink hehehehe!

Okay now for the brushes I purchased along with it comes with their catalogue that introduces their Synthetic Essential Kit :D

As of now I already have their Flat Kabuki Brush (F80) and Round Kabuki (F82) and I already mentioned it on my previous reviews, if you haven't read about it here's the link to: 

Now here are the brushes I purchased on their online shop :

I'm gonna start of first with the first two face brushes on the left side.
I purchased 1 contour brush and 1 tapered highlighter brush:

They come in a kind of plastic brush guard due to of sigma shipping them. And I like te fact they covered the brushes because it is to keep them safe and in tacked. So that they won't be broken once reached to it's destination.

Here are the actual brushes out of the package:

I bought their small contour brush or known as the F05  and a tapered highlighter brush or known as F35.

Starting off with the small contour Brush "F05"
Here's how the brush looks like with it's whole body:

Sigma also imprinted their brand name on each brushes and also the type and name of the brush.

The handle has a sleek black color and a gloss/y finish to it, which gives the brush sleek look to it.

The bristles of the brush are just fine since it's for contour I like how the brush is designed even though it's the small contour brush, the bristles are not too hard or too soft it's kinda just in between and if you look at the ferule closely it softly suports the bristles.

I love how the outcome of the brush doe a good job in contouring my features because it doesn't overboard spaces on my face and you can control the brush on applying it on areas that you want to contour specially at the hollows of your cheeks and at the sides of your temples and underneath your jaw.

next moving on to my next brush which is the Tapered Highlighter Brush or known as the sigma "F35" brush:

This type of brush is perfect for highlighting points on your face such as above your apples of the cheeks, center of your forehead, on your nose bridge and also I do highlight sometimes at my cupids bow to give a bit more definition on to my lips. And BTW highlighting on areas that I mentioned is a must because if your the typical of girl who wants more dimension on your face then you should try a lasting and better product for highlight.

So Overall about this brush I like it because it's easier to apply with me=y current fave' highlighter which is from Milani and it's "Beauty's Touch", and what this brush does the bristles by the way, it has a pointy tip on the end and it helps grab the pigment of your highlighter/product you are using. 

It does not totally take out to much product on the brush, since it's ends are pointy it mainly focuses on the areas your applying on your face.

Here's another look of the brush on it's side:

Now for my last two brushes that I purchased:

Starting off with my new tapered kabuki brush or known as the sigma "F86".

Sigma did make a amazing job of the brush because the brush description is:

"Precise blended application of face products"

And I have to admit yes it is, because it's perfect for cream, liquid products for your face.

I love how the brush was made because the handle itself is light weight and it's not that too heavy to handle with.

Next what I love about this brush is that the bristles are very precise and has smooth bristles and meaning it won't hurt your face while your on application

The bristles are not too tight from the ferrule, and not too fluffy nor kind of slouchy.

Here's a quick view whole body of the brush :

Lastly the next brush is for smudge eyeshadows on your water lines, eyeliners, or reaching areas on the eyes that are hard to reach:

This brush is was designed to reach areas on the outer eyelids and has a semi- stiff bristles that's good for smudging liners on your lower lash lines 

Here's a close up look of the front head of the brush.
You'll notice that the brush is much flatter than any eye makeup brushes and the bristles are much supported securely on the bristles and does not put too much pressure on the bristles preventing it to be too much stiff.

And what i meant by "Flat" here's another look of the brush at a side view:

I already used the brush on my previous tutorial which was 
"4MiNUTE GA-YOON "HUH" Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial"

The brush did a pretty job the smudging application because it doesn't give you that "dirt" result, instead to creates a grunged/smudged effect of the liner giving the entire look a trendy edge to it.

Over all I love how each functionality of the brush does, and the structure is just so amazing^_^ √

So that's it for my sigma mini brush haul/ Review hope you beautiful dolls liked/enjoyed this review,

Till next time.

Stay Pretty 
Take care & God Bless


  1. Sigma brushes are the best! Tried quite a few brands but nothing beats sigma's kabuki brushes ^_~

  2. @Janet:

    I agree that sigma has the best quality brushes and they are much easier to clean too :)

  3. Hi! New follower here! :) I saw your post from BBU. I also enjoy my Sigma brushes! But, I bought mine on local online stores that resell them. I just wanted to ask how much it cost you for the shipping here in the Philippines? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi @Katrina Rebecca Guzon:
      The cost of the shipping fee depending on how many items I bought on sigma's online shop. Plus the tax also.
      Sorry for the late reply