Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My ETUDE house mini HAUL

Hey my Pretty Dolls

So I'm back to share with you guys another mini haul that I bought when I was at Cebu Last week. And it was just to spend time with my Aunt, cousins, and nephews :)

So When we we were at SM Cebu we were like shopping here and there and Eating delicious foods and then I went to Etude House to buy me some stuff that I wanna use for personal use.

So let's Start!

Starting off with facial foam cleanser, I bought Two (2) cleanser because last 2 years I did tried their facial cleanser in
"Milk Tea" and it just made my face super soft, no pimples or acnes were attacking my face and my face got better and turned into healthy glowy skin.
The first cleanser I bought is in their "Happy Teatime" brand and it's in a big tube and I got in "Aloe Tea" cleansing Foam.
The Second on again I just had to get me another "Milk Tea" cleansing foam because it did a pretty job on my face but this time i bought it in a round cute container.

So starting with the "Aloe Tea" , I got to buy this since the lady said that it reduces oily skin, and makes your skin fairer and leaving it a fresh feeling to so I bought. I got the one in a tube.

Now I did some little research on "Aloe Vera" and it's benefits on beauty so you can just read the whole details below: 

The first thing that poped out my mind after with little research I just said to myself 
"Hindi Sayang ang money inin-vest ko dito sa Aloe Tea Cleanser."
Because back on my college days "Teen Days" my skin was so ugly, I always get conscious when you see your cute crush headed towards you and all I do is cover my face with my huge binder because I had pimple break outs all over my face and specially around my nose, like ewww! and on my forehead and I had oily skin  + Flakey skin. =(
I had too much struggles with my face because DUH! it's college and who does anyone like a face like i did right?!

Any ways with the food that I eat consciously it also made my face get better and avoiding too much product putting all over my face.
So I'm glad I bought this because it's a life saver for my skin because my skin type tends to appear when it wants to, if you know what I'm saying, it has it's own mind when it wants to terrorize my face. So in order to prevent it I got this baby to even help my skin more clear and healthy.

(haha haba ng usap?!) :3

Okay, now let's go to my second cleanser:

Now I did mention earlier that I got the "Milk Tea" cleanser foam before and I bought it again because as i said it did a good job on my skin. I bought it in a round container and it comes in a Milky/Nude color that I like because it stands in it's name.

Here's the back view of the product, it has kind of like instructions but in korean or chinese i think. 
<sorry just correct me>

Staring with the container I love how etude designed this because they kinda' carved a cute tea pot on the center of the lid, and surrounding it with their brand name and with a heart lace.

Now once you open the top lid of the container, there's a round plastic on top before the product this is just to make sure if you accidentally flipped it upside down the product won't spill and go to waste.

So inside the container, contains the whole white product, and first impression once i opened it, my nose caught the scent already and smelled like "Milk Tea" that was poured inside. It smells so good it's like you wanna top it on your ice cream something like that. hehehehe! (LOL!) :3


 Now for the PROS & CONS:


- I love both with their scents.

- I like the Aloe Tea because it comes in a tube.

- The Milk tea i like it because I got attracted to it's whole packaging.
- Both cleanser has amazing benefits for my skin.

- Both have indications on the instruction cover/thingy that:
"If skin gets irritated discontinue right away"
It's a good thing that etude house indicates it on the product because the DO NOT want their clients to get skin rash or worse damaged skin, so it's one big advantage of the product to tell you that once that happens just discontinue it.


- The "Milk Tea" Cleanser container does not have a spatula to kind of scoop out the product so that it's much more sanitized rather to dip your hands and the product gets caught by your fingers.

Plus if you try to scoop it with your hands you'll just waste too much product. <SAYANG!>

- Here were i live I can't blame the store for not having a branch in ALBAY since i think it's none of my business. But i think etude house also has a online shop but it's in U.S while the etude house.ph i think there site is still not accepting online orders yet. so hopefully they do so that it'll be convenient for "US" customers here in the Philippines could order thru pesos.

So off to my other items . . 

Next I bought a body wash that's in the brand "Milk Talk"  in straw berry.

I tried out their sample on the counter and it smelled soo yummy like real tiny strawberries are inside the container. And since I love strawberry I just got to have this one for myself.

I think once you use their body wash the scent does kind of stick to your body which is cool because I wanna smell sweet & fresh.

Next I bought this cute Etoinette Princess Mirror:

what I love about this mirror is that the whole theme of it is just super adorable like you feel your a princess once holding like every girl wants to be like a princess right?^_^ 

For the front details of the compact mirror it has a cute design with curly designs and tiny cute flowers and at the center it's kind of like a symbol of etude's signature (i guessed it).

Now for the bottom part of the compact powder is a cute light-ish bronze color were you can lay it on your palm to securely hold it will using it.

Again etude House does pretty cute designs on this compact and it sticks to their princess theme.

At the back of the bronzed color, again etude en-carved their princess etoinette theme with a tiara on the top and another design below.


- I like the whole size compact mirror because it can fit in my purse and easy to carry.

- Not heavy

- the mirror is just great & secured to the whole compact so no worries!

- it's Flexible so yo can either flip it inwards or outwards.


- I just wish the compact came with a pinky/girly pouch to add that cute girly theme & avoid from accidentally scratches and fall offs. 

Next i went to the cosmetics area because you all i know I love makeup soo much!
So i came across their lippies section and I found this lip balm but it's called their "Kissable Lip Moisture Care".

I love the front cover of the tube because there's a picture of a cute dolly eyed girl and sweet pouty lips :)

I got in the no. 04 "Essence"

The cap is in a peachy pink color, and the whole opening of the tube itself is just great for your lips to easy glide on since the shape is a bit slanted that can fit on top & bottom lips.

Now after testing out their tester while i was at cebu, the scent was a bit familiar to the EOS summer fruit because their scent is almost 100% the same.

Now I did a little tester on my hand to see how does the product look like. It's in a transparent gel type but not too thick and not too thin.

Here's how it looks once swatched : 

The product gives you a shinny finish to it and I think once applied on the lips it gives you that shinny gloss effect. Plus you get that yummy scent once you applied. yum yum summer :) hehe!

I also did a little experiment how long the lip gloss will last so i washed my hands with plain tap water and here's the first try result:

The shinny effect of the gloss is still showing though the water tried to wash it.

Then I tried to rub it while my hands is still wet, and here's the second results:

Again the gloss is tough to get off since the type of product that it was made with a thicker kind of substance in it.

<I'm not a scientist so just bare with me & observation that i just did to the gloss>

So for the final results i think i would really live the lip gloss because it proves that it's water resistant and it's perfect for summer out swimming so you won't get dry lips on hot days. 


- I love the mini tube because it's not that too big so I can carry this on my purse everyday.

- I like the fact that it's water resistant because for me I am more drinking water every like 10 - 20 mins since i get thirsty due to the hot days here in Legazpi. 
So my lips will last throught my day & keep them moisturized. :)

- I love the scent

- easy to use


- I wish that the tube has kind of like a tiny see through screen s=or something, so that I can determine how much i used up the gloss.

Next on my shopping bag, I needed a dark brow pencil so again the lady assisted me to check & try out their Easy Brow Pencil.

so earlier I said I needed a dark brow pencil so she advised me to try the # 1 which is in "Dark Brown" or # 1.

First impression I like the label that was on the brow pencil because the label says:


Rosa Fiore House Corp. "

and it's address means that the etude product on cebu is exclusively on distributed on outlets and i think that's great :)

The brow pencil is in #1 Dark Brown made in Korea. Plus there's their language. ( sorry I don't understad korean words :()

Once the brow is opened here's how it looks on the first end:

It's pencil is semi hard/soft that means it glides on your brows just easy.

Now on the next end what gets me interesting is that my curiosity  git into so i just gently twisted the other end of the brow pencil:

and pops out a mini brow brush! ^_^


What's great about this brow pencil that it's double use purpose, since you have a brow pencil + mini brow brush no more bulkyness in your purse with those huge pencil & huge spooley.

This is just your life saver inside your purse because you can just bring this will your in a totally rush and forget to redo your brows at home and your late for school,work, you could just go to the comfort room and give your brows some love with this amazing dual purpose brow pencil! :)

Now for it's consistency swatch:

I used a light weight hand will swatching the brow pencil on my hand since i do not want it to accidentally get broken.

So in the picture it might urn light as you see but in reality it's not, it's actually dark.

So i did try to smudge it off with my ring finger and here's the result:

The brow pencil tends to stick itself onto my skin. So it's not that easily smudge off.

Now again I made a little experiment to see if the brow pencil is water resistant or not. 

After my hands got wet, you can still see that the brow pencil is still but it's like almost fading.

But when I try to smudge it off while it's still wet, sadly it did come off easily.


- I like the "DUAL" purpose of the brow pencil since it comes with mini brow brush that you can bring less on your purse.

- I like the shade because it's best for fair - medium soft skin it will make the brow color stand out.

- Easy to use

- Easy to smudge, meaning you can easily blend the pencil with your fingers if you mess up doing your brows.


- It's not water resistant, you need to apply a brow setting gel to make the brow pencil stay a bit more longer.

Lastly on my shopping bag, I bought three wearable shades of single eyeshadows:

I bought 2 matte eye shadows which is the Vanila & Dark Brown one. And I bought 1 shimmer eyeshadow which is the light peach one:

So the Names of the single eyeshadows are:

BE101 - Banana Latte

PK02 - Happy Peach
BR402 - Cafe Mocha

And they are in etude's brand name "Look at my eyes Cafe"

I'm gonna be starting off first with the single eyeshadows container, first observation the container is kind of made like a semi crystal plastic because it's a bit heavy when putting it on my palms.

Plus I like how the eyeshadow is made with those heart shaped pattern :)

Here's a side view of  the single eyeshadow, notice how the the pot is securely fitted inside the container?
And it's pretty amazing that due to it's small pot the container manages to secure it inside.

And on the front view of the whole eyeshadow container, again etude made it to my impression that you won't worry a thing that the shadow's pot will come, since there is another kind of secure lock on the lid of the container.

Oh by the way the first eyeshadow above is BR402 "Cafe Mocha"

next the second eyeshadow I bought is another matte eyeshadow and it's the BE101 "Banana Latte" :

The color is in a creamy light medium banana color, and it's great for highlighting your brow bones, inner tear ducts,and even brighting up your eyes in the center of your eyelids.

The last eyeshadow I bought is the PK02 "Happy Peach" :

This type of eyeshadow is in the color light peach and it's more a bit shimmery and really pigmented, and I bet you can make your eyes dazzling and sweet by applying this on the inner corners of the eye, or at the center of the eyelids or wanna go dolly girly sweet then just apply this below your lash lines. :)

Now for some SWATCHES :

I notice that Cafe Mocha is super pigmented because it is the darkest color, and Happy Peach does stand out because of it's shimmers, and Banana Latte also stands out with it's matte eyeshadow color.

Why Only 3 eyeshadows in Neutral colors?

I did buy three (3) only and bought the neutral ones since I'm more of a neutral everyday person and wears neutral colors and I think that it's more wearable and i can create whatever suits me best.


- Unique pattern on the eyeshadow

- No fall outs

- Pot is secured on the Container 

- Very Pigmented :)

- Wearable for everyday look



Now I spent about P500.00 - P1,300.00 for the whole total I items I bought from Etude House,so I got a freebies and it's a cute 
K-POP FAN & (1) Pearl Extract !! :)

So i think that's it for my Etude House Mini Haul, So hope you enjoyed reading my post & till next time.

Stay Pretty & God Bless!


  1. I never know what to buy in Etude so thank you for this post :) Lots of interesting products to try now :) HUGS!


  2. aww, such a cute and lovely haul! I haven't been to Etude house for quite a period. I guess I need to drop by EH soon!︿_~