Thursday, July 12, 2012

MUA ♥ "Dusk til Dawn" ♥ Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey there pretty dolls ♥ ,

I'm Back with another review, this time it's the MUA eyeshadow palette or known as Makeup Academy Professional.

I purchased the palette from Hotboutique By Carmella at her online facebook shop.
But currently i could not give the link to her online shop because there was an error at her shop. 
Maybe there's maintenance that she's still fixing. 

Anyways here's how the palette looks like :)

 The palette that i purchased was in "Dusk Til Dawn" eyeshadow palette. 

Plus the palette has a description below the palette's name saying:

"A versatile collection of eyeshadows that will 
transform your look from day to night"

The palettes Ingredients:

 Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate - 1
 Methyl Paraben
 C1 77891
 C1 77491
 C1 77492
 C1 77499
 C1 77007
 C1 77742
 C1 77510
The palette was developed in the UK.  

Here's a closer look of the palette, how it looks liken with the flash of my camera:

  Notice that , the flash of my camera caught the eyeshadows bold colors plus it's silver flexes in it.

even without the camera's flash, it still catches the silver/gold flexes in it.

By the way the size of each eyeshadows in the palette, is about the size of a P0.25 centavos .

Here's another closer view of the eyeshadows in the palette. I did notice that the eyeshadows has some warm neutrals in it, for instance like the Champagne/vanilla color, great for highlighting the brow bones, or even at the inner corners of the tear ducts.

The palette also consist of a warm light-ish brown, it's great for looks like a warm neutral eye look. Or if your that fun colorful type of person who loves a bright on the eyes, there's a Teal color great for the lower lashes, it will give you that pop bright fun color :)

The Palette contains also two Grays in it, One is in a Light metal color, and the other is in a dark gun metal gray. Also the it has a beautiful gorgeous Gold color in it, which is really great for looks like let's say a arabian princess eye make up look, or even a egyptian eye makeup look.

Moving on to the other side of the palette, it has a snow white color, also good for more highlights in the eyes. Next to it is a Deep medium Plummy color, next is, a shimmery Milky Brown color.
Now at the bottom of the palette, under the snow white color, is a starry night blue with silver flex in it. Next to it is a gradient deep purple, and lastly is a black color, but the black seems to be not that jet black, it's more a bit lighter & has silver flex in it.

Now off to the SWATCHES :)

Starting off with the first Upper Row :

I did notice that the eyeshadows are too shimmery and it is pigmented. 
Every eyeshadows has silver flex in them, it's giving the eyeshadow that sparkly effect.

Now I did compare it without the flash of my camera, and still it catches the eyeshadows color and also the silver flexes in it. 

Now  for  the last second rows, here's how the eyeshadows looks like :


Gold, Light Silver, Teal, midnight blue, Gradient Purple, and lastly a Light Black .
The eyeshadows actually doesn't have any names so i just described them by their actual colors.

Another close up view without the flash of the Camera :

Again the silver flex in these eyeshadows does show up more often with or without the flash of the camera.


 The eyeshadows are in a black see through palette which i think is very sleek :)

 The Palette comes in 12 variety shades which you can choose.

It comes with a cosmetic 2 way sponge which you can apply easily.

The eyeshadows are versatile because you can turn a Neutral look into Clubbing night out or even into a fun eye look depending on the colors of the eyeshadows you are using.

 The eyeshadows are both combination's with shimmer & a bit matte.

The eyeshadows are super PIGMENTED.

 Some eyeshadows has a gradient beautiful color effect, for instance like the Dark purple color on the second row.


 The palette does not have a mirror inside.

The eyeshadows has fallouts once it's applied. :(

 It's hard to take off the eyeshadows if your using a facial wipes, so i do recommend using it with a eye makeup remover so that the silver flex in the eyeshadows will easily come off.

Click HERE to check out their website :)

Over all I love the palette because I could play around with the eyeshadows and create any eye look that's versatile & playful

Take Care & God Bless pretty dolls ♥


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I haven't tried any MUA products but I've seen their products displayed in RP. This palette looks really nice, I love the neutral colors! really pretty! Thanks for the swatches ^_~

  2. @Janet : Your welcome dear :) Yup, the color are so pretty & versatile :) Take care & God Bless

  3. looks interesting, saw one on ebay, i think they are below 200 pesos. :)

    follow your blog, hope you could follow mine. ^^