Wednesday, June 20, 2012

URBAN DECAY ♥ Naked Palette Review ♥

Hello my lovelies ,

I know it has been weeks since i made another review. I have been really busy with my personal life and i have a business soon to be opened here in Legazpi City. 
So my dear lovelies i wanna apologize for not making any beauty related reviews quite lately .
So i am really really SO SORRY . . . . . . . . . . . .

But anyways I wanna share with you ladies what i have been doing for the past weeks, and that was ONLINE SHOPPING  

I have always always been dreaming to get me one of Urban Decays's Naked Palette since makeup existed <LOL! >

So i bought my ever first URBAN DECAY Naked Palette from

Here's how the palette looks like from it's packaging :

First when i got my palette it comes in a thick plastic see through box that keeps the palette safe from any scratches from being delivered. 
Inside the palette comes in a soft and smooth textured box in a deep candy purple box. 
It secures the palette from breaking off the purple box which is a GOOD THING :D
Along with the palette comes with a small eye primer again from their brand the urban decay primer potion. 

Here's another view from the side : 

Oh before anything else, at the back of the box, it indicates the names of the eyeshadows :)

The palette comes with a eye primer which is well known as the  "Eye Primer Potion" 

The bottle consist of 3.7 ml , and it's handy to bring when your on traveling or even just pack it up to your makeup bag :)
From the container itself, it's really cute and looks like it was from a arabian times but in a fashionably present time .

 The eye primer's container has a secured twisted lock for the cap to be securely locked and prevent the primer from spilling. 

The wand of the primer is in a slanted direction, it's good because it's much easier to apply it on your eyelids and also on your brow bones.

Now for the PALETTE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ . . . . . . .

Starting off first from the packing itself it's sturdy cardboard plastic, and has a gold lining name of the palette in "NAKED".

Here's how the palette looks like from the inside, it consist of 12 different eyeshadow colors & they each have names plus the palette comes with a flat eyeshadow brush. 

Here's a closer view on the first 6 eyeshadows on the palette, some of the eyeshadows are so vibrant and kind of has tiny gold flex in it, but not that much.

here the remaining 6 eyeshadow colors on the palette :


Here's the first 6 set of eyeshadows that i gave a swatch on my arm.
My camera caught the light eyeshadows may have shimmer's in it but it kind of has tiny tiny parts of sparkle flexes in it. It adds a good high light to your inner tear ducts, high light to your brow bone or adds up highlight in the middle of the lids of your eyes. 

The sparkle flexes in it does not have too much fall out's. 
While some of the eyeshadow's like Buck it has slightly touches of matte in it.

First 6 set of Eyeshadow Names:



Has a color of nude with a tiny bit of pink in it.


Is a eyeshadow color of a medium champagne with dark tones of pink.


Is in a slightly matte eyeshadow color in a creamy skin tone/light brown.


Is in the shade of a dark royal purple with sparkle flex in it.


Is in a matte color in medium to dark brown. 


This type of eyeshadow is in a gorgeous medium gold and also has gold sparkle flexes in it.

Second 6 set of Eyeshadow Names:



Is in a shade of semi bronze  with a mixture of medium brown in it.


It has a shade of dark chocolate brown with sparkle flex in it.


Now toasted is a bit similar to Sin but since sin has tints of rose pinks in it and is in a light shade, toasted  has a deep rose tints with again sparkles of flexes in it.


Is nearest to Darkhorse but instead it shade is from light - medium shades of choco brown but it's sparkles has lesser flex.


Is not that BLACKEST BLACK but it's in a kind of light-medium black with tiny sprinkles of silver flex in it. 


Is in the shade of medium-dark grey shade and is very pigmented than Creep , plus it has silver flex in it too :) . 

Now i did compare the colors of the eyeshadows without the flash of my Camera, and as you can tell the shadows turn out well but with the sparkle flex in it, fades just a bit. But it crates beautiful iridescent effect.

Oh BTW i did say the palette comes with a eyeshadow brush, and what i love about the brush is that it's brand name is printed on the handle with a glossy finish. 
And with the flash of my camera it caught the name of their brand.

The size of the brush is about 5.5 inches.

As for the ferrule it wraps around the brush securing around the bristles.

For the bristles of the brush it's one sided flat &  synthetic.

 I have no problems about this brush , is it's application is just fine for pinking up & patting it's color. But it can't be used to blend the shadows together because of it's flat shape, and you can't be able to control it's precise application if you want to blend in your eyeshadows.

Lastly my swatch for the primer potion.
The primer's works just FINE because if it's really that creamy it's hard to blend it in on the eyelids. But since it was made to have thinner amount it's much easier to blend on the eyelids.

You can tell that the primer blends in well on my skin tone it's like blending in transparently.

The moment of truth for my PROS & CONS  . These are based on the observations and how the product went well on my use with it.

Easy to use
The palette has a beautiful design and has a cute saying at the back : 
"Beauty with an Edge"
 The product is NO ANIMAL TESTING 
You can carry the palette on your travel.
It's functional because it comes with a mirror & a eyeshadow brush in the palette
It's compact with 12 versatile eyeshadow which you can create from your normal everyday eye make up to a office work look & to a sexy & gorgeous girls night out eye look.


- The palette is pricy it cost $50.00 . . 

- The palette is a bit heavy for your ordinary makeup bag & it's bulky.
- The eyeshadows do consist of fallout's :(
- The brush is only one way functional for gathering & patting only. Means you can't use the brush for blending. 

Over all my expectations came to it's satisfaction. Because i have been wanting to try and use this palette since more youtube guru's have been using it. BUt it does not mean that i'm a copy cat >.< It's like kind of a GIRLS NEED 
And most of all i love how the eyeshadows are so versatile because i can create looks that can be neutral for my everyday F.O.T.D 

I think that's it for my review, till next time pretty dolls ♥  
Stay safe & God Bless! :)


  1. I love love love love naked palette as all the shades are pretty and wearable! Though the price might be a bit steep but I can imagine myself using that palette for a long time..Great reviews ^_~

  2. @Janet : your absolutely right dear :) And yes the shades are so wearable. Thanks Dear ^_^

  3. I’m soooo inlove with naked palettes! :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony