Saturday, June 23, 2012

❤ Sigma FLAT KABUKI F80 & ROUND KABUKI F82 Brush ❤ Review

Hello pretty dolls! 

So weeks before i was in instagram and i posted a picture of my new Sigma Individual brushes , and here's the first part on my review which is the Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush  or known as the Sigma F80 , and also i got the Sigma Round Kabuki Brush or known as the Sigma F82.

The reason for this is that i'm not saying that i'm fed up with my old flat top brush, it still works just fine but while my old flat top brush is in it's application it works in my liquid foundation, but for powdering and setting my face it seems like the powder kind gets less on my face and it doesn't seem to stay on my face :(

So now moving on to my review :D

I purchased two face brushes for my personal use 
These are the  Sigma F80 brush  which is the flat top kabuki brush and the other one is the Sigma  F82 brush which is the Round top kabuki brush

Starting first with the handle, the detail looks absolutely good, the name of the brush is  not sticked on it's carved and has a glittery effects in.
Plus the handle is finished topped with a glossy surface.

The ferrule is also carved with sigma's signature brand :)

From the it's point of side view , the bristle of the brush is flat top and in a slim shape.

It's bristles is super, even touching with my finger tips it is really soft.

Now from it's top view the brush itself has a flat surface and it's shape is perfect for areas that needs to be packed on with either liquid or powder foundation. The good thing about this brush is that it blends in your foundation just to pack it up on your face & blends it evenly.

Now for the second brush that i purchased is the Sigma F82 or known as the Sigma Round Kabuki brush.
This one is different than the F80 because it's bristles has a rounder shape plus it's kind of like fluffy   .

Again with it's handle it's carved with Sigma's name on it and the name of the brush plus where it's originated from.


The ferrule is also carved with sigma's brand signature:

I noticed something about the brushes front view, it's shape is in a upper arc shape form , plus it's bristles are in it's precise shape too.

On the top view of the brush it's much rounder and it's perfect for your powder foundation to blend into your skin with a circular motion, this helps applying your powder foundation evenly throughout your entire face. It also helps cover on certain area's that are hard to reach in like around your nose, mouth.

For my over all review this brush is perfect for my every day use, it get's the satisfaction of it's work and application on to my use. 

I bought these brushes from


 With it's shape & design i it!! :)
 The weight of the brush is a bit heavy but great and handy to carry on your makeup bag for retouches.
It's bristles are soft.
It's application is much better and easier to blend in the face.
The color of the tip of the ends of the bristles are white, and it's a good thing because you can easily see that it picks up the amount of foundation that your are going to apply.



That's it pretty dolls ,
Take care & till next time for my other review 


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