Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MissBella COSMETICS : 120 Color Combo Eye and 10 Blush Palette Review

Hey Dolls!
 So last week (JUNE) 29th I just turned to 24 and typically for real I'm a petite size to be 24 and honestly some people mistaken me by being a 14 year old teen. like WTF?! ahahahaha! LOL!
from my previous review, i mentioned that I was present at going online shopping here and there, so i went birthday shopping and wanted to purchase me some eye and blush palettes that's affordable for my pocket.
So lately I have been on Instagram scanning random pictures, and I came across some pictures that I saw these MissBella COSMETICS palettes and I just went crazy craving and went to their official Instagram account and just had to purchase me some.
So Let's Start!

I purchased  (1) 120 color combo eye Palette and (1) 10 color Blush palette and the 120 color Eye Combo palette actually is costs  P900.00  pesos and the 10 color blush palette costs P500.00 pesos for a total of  P1,400.00 pesos plus shipment fee I think it was around P90.00 since I live in a province area.

So I'm satisfied with a good price because it's not that too heavy in my wallet because where could you like possibly purchase two palettes that worth that  price? awsome!!! :D
For more palettes check out their Facebook page and it's MissBella PH
And don't forget to follow them on Instagram & Twitter  for any inquiries you'd like to ask. 

Now starting with the package itself, the palettes comes in a secured bubble wrap : 

The box itself comes in a sleek black slim box, and has their brand name on it "MissBella COSMETICS" and a red ribbon below the brand name.
For the actual palette again comes in a sleek black palette and again with originality they have their brand name on the top part of the palette.

Oh almost forgot about the back portion of the box, it contains the ingredients of the palettes.

Now without further ado for the first palette is the 120 color Combo Palette : 

The 120 color combo palette has two trays and consist of 60 eye shadows each, they all come by the way warped securely in a secured fitted plastic.  

The 120 color palette consist of 60 pretty colorful eye shadows and 60 neutral shades:

You can actually switch the trays if you prefer the color shades are either on the top or bottom.

So here's the actual photo of the 60 colorful shades:

The color shades consist minimum brights, shimmers and mattes that are pigmented.

Which I myself love it because you can get creative , and create any concept of eye looks with these lovely shades. A little work of art needs the trick ^_^

While on the other part of the tray consist of 60 neutral color eye shadows.

The eye shadows colors has also pigmented mattes and shimmers.
Plus I noticed a lot of variety of browns you can choose to create any smokey eye effect perfect for blending , creating contrast and depth. 

I noticed something about the palette which is the bottom base, it has a kind of opening sort of, that something lies in there.

I flipped the trays with having a bit of curiosity just to check. And i saw this strip of ribbon attached behind one the trays which were the neutral shades. 

So it only means that the strip of ribbon attached to the tray is a sign where i need to just let it hang between the opening that i just showed you earlier. This is just a helpful sign if you wanna take out the tray from the bottom of the palette itself. :)

Now for some little swatches!

I was really impressed by the eyeshadows swatches because they are very pigmented and unjust swiped once and the results were absolutely pretty amazing wowww!!!!!

Now moving on to the last palette I purchased which is the 10 color blush palette :

The blushes comes in a sleek black rectangular shaped palette.
And inside the palette are 10 blushes which has a plastic sheet to protect the blushes from getting swiped off by our fingers.
Each color blushes are in a circular pans that's secured to the base if the palette.

The blushes contains some with shimmers and matte finished.
They are just so pretty perfect for your every day basis since you can choose different variety of color for those plain cheeks and you can also use the blushes as for your contour as well.


Now for some swatches!

I swatch the blushes just once and for the results for the shimmery one, the shimmers didn't have any fall outs but has that shimmer finished shine.while for the matte one, the color is truly bold and very pigmented in deed. 
I also noticed that every blush doesn't have that chalky consistency which is great, because it will jut instantly glide on top of your cheeks without having that chalky effect.

OverAll Verdict:

~ For the prices of the palettes plus shipment fee I'm 100 % satisfied.
~For customer care Miss MaryCris gave me full detail information on how to track my package which very HELPFUL ^_^
~The packaging was highly wrapped and secured and i got it in one piece yey! :D
~I love how the palettes comes in a sleek style which is PRO :)
~For the pigmentation of the eyeshadows & blush 10/10 ^_^
~over all I am SATISFIED with the 120 color combo & Blush color palette!
Till next time as always Take care & "simply love life always" 



The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.


  1. I LOVE THE BLUSHES! Really great pigmentation! Glad you're happy with it.


  2. I have them both now and I can't wait to use them!

    Maxinne ♥ flightlessangel.com

  3. I haven't barely used the eye shadows so they are still brand new :)