Saturday, December 22, 2012

ES - A89 10 pairs False Lashes Review ♡

Hey dolls! ♡

Today I'm gonna be sharing a review and it's all about False Eye Lashes that's great for a a every day wear or even for special occasions like Christmas gatherings, partying and such stuff like that, and your having the feeling that your lashes does needs a lot of love like I do since i barely have lashes =(
So I came to this website called and before saying anything else, I asked my co-blogger Jannie if the website is safe to order and she said "Yes" so i didn't hesitate to get me one box of 10 pair eyelashes from kkcenter.

Let me give a little intro about the website, 
kkcenter is basically a company based from Hong Kong is a online retail stock lot store. The website is a online shopping for customers who are into fashion and many stuff that are available on their site. Plus they have a really low prices on false lashes,nail polishes, nail art stuff, wigs, eyeshadows, hair extensions and many more but with high quality services that they offer. 

So If your interested shopping for stuff that i mentioned above then go ahead and check out kkcenter's website by just clicking the highlighted green name above. :)

And now moving on to my review . . . . .

As i was saying i really really want to give my real lashes some love with some false lashes to wear on my everyday or even special occasions but I just want to have those false lashes that's not that too heavy on my eyes and that are comfortable to wear. Plus i want those fuller black lashes that are really those called glamorous but doesn't look too much exaggerated. 

So i bought myself these ES False Eye lashes that comes in a sleek black slim box like so:

And i got in the "A89" ones.

And the lashes are 10 pairs for one box which is amazing! And i absolutely love these lashes because they seem too look like too long but they're not which is so pretty!!!! 

Here's a close up look of the lashes: BTW they are in BLACK.

Here's how they look like when they are worn:


- The price of the False Eye lashes cost $8.52 to pesos it ranges around P350.00 - 400.00

- The lashes are not too light and not too heavy
- The lashes doesn't irritate my eyeballs
-It's super comfy to wear
- It makes my real eyelashes even more fuller


- The only thing that i didn't like is that it doesn't come with a mini adhesive glue :(

Before i end my review I did make a tutorial were i wore the lashes at my 
Christmas Gold makeup + Bold red lip color.
If you have time you can watch it down below just by clicking the PLAY button :)

Take Care & God Bless everyone & have a Merry Christmas!


  1. It looks very natural - ganda!! :) And super bagay sayo :)

  2. Hi,
    Speaking about adhesive glue, what are you using for your false lashes?
    ~Pauline @Kallony